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Here’s the good news.

Our daughter just graduated from college and landed a great job.

Here’s the bittersweet news.  It’s across the country.  We will dearly miss her being more than a few minutes away.

And here’s the bad news.  She wanted to take a few things.  And her car.


So we (Mom, Dad) helped her project manage the move.

My role was to make it fun…and safe.

Her car is a classic college kid economy hatchback.  Very practical around town, but limited with hauling across the continental divide.

So we decided on shipping the heavy stuff (grandparents heirlooms, key kitchen elements) and crammed in the valuables (vinyl collection, boy band posters and stuffed animals) into the 4 cylinder with bad Air Co.

But more importantly, I seized the role as audio-edibles curator and co-pilot for the trip.

Vegas, Flagstaff, Gallup, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Fort Smith, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Blacksburg, DC.

“Life is a Highway” without the annoyingly high lead singer’s voice and the Disney schmaltz.


Hot tips:

As for music…..Move Playlist inspiration

Region inspired genre (with a few Gladwell pods) was my soundtrack stab.

It was glorious.  We went to places never been, will never go back, but will never forget.  You get the picture.

But back to being the safety advice parent.

What I learned about a 21st century Move is of value.  A couple of things…

  • When you seek moving companies, do not enter your contact information into any “quote generation” sites.  Endless, multiple medium solicitation 20X.  Awful.
  • Same thing when seeking your next shelter, buy or rent.   Avoid the Brand Name real estate search sites.   It’s an inaccurate source of information and invasive process meant to serve you up to the remaining call centers that the moving companies did not use.

So what’s the “dad” way to research and execute a cross country move?

  • Consumer’s friend since 1936.  Do’s and don’ts when seeking the services of a Moving company
  • Home Scout.  Access to National Multiple Listing Service sponsored by trusted advisor. Private with zero solicitation.  Listing information updated daily.  And really cool pictures too.

(Looking for a “Dad” to sponsor you on Home Scout APP, use VIP Code JBrunson.)

Happy Trails!

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